World Cup Historical Records

The Historical Record Packs below provide the most comprehensive historical record of international rugby league ever produced.

These have been produced by the Rugby League Record Keepers' Club in conjunction with International Rugby League (who we are the Official Statistics Provider to) and RLWC 2021 (who we are Historical Records Partner for).

The packs provide a comprehensive overview of previous tournaments, international and World Cup records, and up-to-date, accurate player statistics. Together with the RKC website they constitute the complete official record of international rugby league.

If using please quote the source as Rugby League Record Keepers' Club and / or reference our website

This body of work is the culmination of a recent push to align international stats led by International Rugby League, building on decades of work by stattos around the globe, started by the original RKC 50 years ago.

Thanks to all involved. This is your legacy.